Hacker School, Friday, August 1st, 2014

On Friday, I was suffering from two nights of reduced sleep. Nonetheless, I came in eagerly for Job Prep Friday, because we were going to do one of my favourite things: whiteboarding problems. When I say it is a favourite, I mean that I enjoy it immensely when I do it, though I do it rarely.

I worked with a couple other HaSchers on two problems. Both of them were tree search problems, which I love. I could tell I was out of practice, though.

In the afternoon, I studied the Twisted inotify code some more. I was confused by a mistake in a docstring, and sent a pull request with a correction. I used the inotify daemon to understand exactly what vi was doing that resulted in changed inodes. There was still a behaviour I hadn't figured out by the end of the day, about why an inotify watcher on a directory reports changes to files using their pathnames, instead of reporting on the directory path name.

However, after writing and experimenting for a while, I realised I was overtired and not making progress, and I went home for an early night.


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