I did it!

I did it!

It's been a long time since I wrote anything here; everything I've written has been over at Mostly Fat or the companion book site, being health or nutrition related in nature.

I've had some subsymbol themed ideas to write, but after six years I was afraid I might forget how to use Nikola, or that the code would have changed so dramatically that I wouldn't be able to get my site to build at all. So I had been putting it off.

But I finally tried it today, and it worked!

I did run into a snag with the old posts written in html. It seems that where Nikola used to read "meta" files for certain information, it now expects to read that information out of the html head. That was easy enough to fix once I figured out the issue.

There are still some warnings and formatting changes that I need to clean up, but this seems good enough to at least try deploying! I'm eager to start writing here again.


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